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Get comfortable talking to your doctor about Virtual Colonoscopy (CTC)

The individual who appears is for illustrative purposes.
The person depicted is a model and not a real doctor.

Get comfortable with colon cancer screening 

Get comfortable with colon cancer screening 

Get comfortable with colon cancer screening 

It may be difficult to have a conversation with your doctor about a Virtual Colonoscopy because your doctor may not be very familiar with it. The points below summarize some of facts that could help you make your case.

It is important to note, the best screening test is the one you actually get.


Virtual Colonoscopy is a valid screening option according to the American Cancer Society, the United States Preventative Services Task Force, and the US Multi-Society Task Force (MSTF) on Colorectal Cancer1-3


Virtual Colonoscopy is covered by most insurance plans, including the 5 largest private payers


Virtual Colonoscopy detects precancerous polyps at rates comparable to a traditional colonoscopy and at a much higher rate than a take-home stool kit4,5


There are numerous locations to have a Virtual Colonoscopy across the US

It's important to get screened early and regularly, so if a Virtual Colonoscopy is your choice, let your doctor know. And if your doctor needs more information about Virtual Colonoscopy, refer to the references below:

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Is CTC right for you?

If you prefer a minimally-invasive screening option that involves a CT scan, then CT Colonography might be the ideal solution for you.

With CT Colonography, there is no need for sedation allowing you to drive yourself home afterward.

Discover more about this convenient and effective screening method!

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CTC is known as a "virtual colonoscopy" — it's the high-tech, minimally-invasive, time-saving option for colon cancer screening.

Find a CTC center near you, and get screened today!

The individuals who appear are for illustrative purposes. All persons depicted are models and not real healthcare professionals.