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Get comfortable talking to your doctor about Virtual Colonoscopy (CTC)

The individual who appears is for illustrative purposes. The person depicted is a model and not a real doctor.

Frequently asked questions about CTC- Virtual Colonoscopy

What is a “virtual” colonoscopy?

A virtual colonoscopy is a highly effective screening test for colorectal cancer performed with a CT scan (outside your body) rather than with a colonoscope (inside your body) used for a traditional colonoscopy.

How effective is a virtual colonoscopy?

Virtual colonoscopy is very effective at detecting what doctors are looking for—large precancerous polyps. A virtual colonoscopy can detect about 73-98%1 of these polyps; a traditional colonoscopy can detect 75-93%1. A take-home stool kit can only detect about 42%2 of large precancerous polyps.

How long does it take for a virtual colonoscopy?

The actual exam—the CT scan—only takes about 15 minutes for a virtual colonoscopy. For a traditional colonoscopy, which is a medical procedure that requires sedation, the exam takes 30-60 minutes. You are not sedated for a virtual colonoscopy.

What are the benefits of a virtual colonoscopy?

When you choose a virtual colonoscopy over the alternatives, you will get a fast, easy, accurate CT scan that requires no sedation so you can get in and out and on with your day. The greatest benefit is knowing you have been thoroughly checked for colon cancer!

Who is the ideal patient for a virtual colonoscopy?

If you have no family history of colon cancer and have never had large precancerous polyps discovered in a previous colorectal cancer test, a virtual colonoscopy may be right for you. Because younger patients are less likely to have large precancerous polyps, they are usually good candidates for a virtual colonoscopy. It is recommended that screening for colon cancer begin at age 45.

Does insurance/Medicare cover a virtual colonoscopy?

Most insurance plans will cover a virtual colonoscopy, but check your benefits to be sure. Medicare does not cover a virtual colonoscopy.

Talk with your doctor about the process in more detail.
You can also visit the radiology info website for a complete overview of a virtual colonoscopy.

CTC is known as a "virtual colonoscopy" — it's the high-tech, minimally-invasive, time-saving option for colon cancer screening.

Find a CTC center near you, and get screened today!

The individuals who appear are for illustrative purposes only. All persons depicted are models and not real patients.